Eleftherios Petrounias 2017 Worlds EF Rings Difficulty

Roll backwards to planche (Yan Mijayoung)- E

Roll backwards to maltese- F

Back uprise to maltese- E

Swing forwards to handstand- C

Back uprise to planche- D

Pull from back lever to cross (Nakayama)- D

Front pike to cross- D

Piked double front (Jonasson)- D

Back uprise to handstand- C

Double twisting double back dismount- E

Element Value- 2C+4D+3E+F=4.3


EGI, swing elements and swings to handstand- fulfilled by swing forwards to handstand, +0.5

EGII, Strength and hold elements- fulfilled by Yan Mijayoung, +0.5

EGIII, Swing to strength elements- fulfilled by back uprise to planche, +0.5

EGIV, D+ dismount- fulfilled by double twisting double back dismount, +0.5

4 x 0.5 = 2.0


4.3 + 2.0 = 6.3