Kazuki Minami is Ridiculous (A GIF guide)

If you aren't already aware of who Kazuki Minami is, he is widely known in the gymnastics community for the videos he posts on instagram of the ridiculous things he gets up to in training. But he's not all tricks- Kazuki is the 2019 Japanese National Champion on floor, and by winning this title he … Continue reading Kazuki Minami is Ridiculous (A GIF guide)

A Guide to Flop Sequences on Pommel Horse

Pommel horse is┬áthat event- the one that makes everyone go "I have absolutely no idea what's happening here." Of course, it would take a long time to explain everything there is to know about pommel horse so I'm going to break it down. First of all, if you haven't looked at my requirements guide that's … Continue reading A Guide to Flop Sequences on Pommel Horse

2020 All-Japan National Tryouts Results

National tryouts are the final opportunity for gymnasts to qualify to compete at All-Japan National Championships. The top 8 gymnasts qualify: FX PH SR VT PB HB AA 1 Kenya Yuasa 13.700 13.600 13.650 14.300 13.900 13.950 83.100 Qualified 2 Shunpei Fujimaki 14.300 13.400 12.550 14.300 13.650 13.850 82.050 Qualified 3 Tento Chiba 14.000 13.500 … Continue reading 2020 All-Japan National Tryouts Results