Japan Names 2019 World Cup Assignments

Japan have already started naming their assignments for the 2019 World Cup circuit. While we knew the All Around World Cup spots had been earned by the medalists at the Supreme All Around Final, who would attend which event was still to be decided.

Kenzo Shirai will attend the same World Cup events as he did in 2018- American Cup, where he placed 6th in 2018, and Tokyo World Cup, where he is the reigning champion. As the host country, Japan also gets a wild card entry for Tokyo World Cup, which has been given to to 2018 silver medalist Wataru Tanigawa.

18 year old Teppei Miwa will attend Stuttgart World Cup- his first ever World Cup event, and his second ever senior international competition (the first being Voronin Cup). In 2018 Yusuke Tanaka won the bronze medal in Stuttgart for Japan.

Kazuma Kaya will attend Birmingham World Cup. His most recent world cup result was in 2017, where he won the silver medal in Stuttgart. In 2018 Shogo Nonomura won gold in Birmingham for Japan.

The team for the Stuttgart Team Challenge, taking place the same weekend as the all around competition in Stuttgart, has also been named. The team is Kakeru Tanigawa, Shogo Nonomura, Kenta Chiba, Seiya Taura and Fuya Maeno. This is almost the same team that competed at 2018 Asian Games, however with Seiya Taura instead of Tomomasa Hasegawa. In 2018 the Japanese team won the bronze medal at this competition, although the team they sent this year was a lower level and more inexperienced team than the one that has been named for 2019.

Japan have also named participants to the 2019 Melbourne World Cup- one of the events that counts towards individual Olympic qualification. The gymnasts are: Hidenobu Yonekura, Hidetaka Miyachi, Kazuya Takahashi, Hibiki Arayashiki and Tomomasa Hasegawa. As far as I know there has been no specification yet as to which events each gymnast will compete, but the ones to watch out for the most are Hidenobu on vault, Hidetaka on high bar, and Tomomasa on pommel horse. In terms of Olympic qualification, Hidetaka already has 20 points on high bar, while Hidenobu has 18 points on vault.


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